Straight Talk Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is Straight Talk Wireless ?

Straight Talk Wireless is a prepaid cell phone service which allows people to pay as they use their phone rather than being required to sign a contract. Straight Talk Wireless has no credit checks, no age restrictions and no setup or activation fees.

How Do the Plans Work ?

The plans offered by Straight Talk Wireless are prepaid monthly plans that the individual must pay for up-front. Afterwards, the person has full access to their specific plan for the entire month until their next bill is due. If service is disconnected, the person may simply refill their phone with a monthly purchase plan to resume service.

What Types of Plans are Offered ?

There are two plans for Straight Talk Wireless: $30 All You Need Plan with 1000 Minutes & 1000 Messages plus 30MB of data or the $45 Unlimited Plan with Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages & Unlimited Mobile Web Access. If need be, there are also three other unlimited plans for talk, text, multimedia messages and web access for 90, 180 or one year.

What Types of Phones Does Straight Talk Wireless Offer ?

There are a variety of cell phones offered by Straight Talk Wireless, most of which are manufactured by Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and LG to name a few. Some phones are designed in the candy-bar style, flip phone or slider-style; meanwhile there are also smartphones available through Straight Talk Wireless. The typical features of the phones offered are camera/video features, touch screen, QWERTY keyboards and many other popular features.

What is the Coverage with Straight Talk Wireless Like ?

There is international coverage for calling as well as international text messaging should the person choose that supporting plan. There is also no roaming charges that occur with Straight Talk Wireless. The area for basic coverage varies on whether or not the person is using an Android-operated handset or a non-Android handset. The individual will need to research their specific Straight Talk coverage area from the Straight Talk Wireless Coverage Map.

How Do I Get Started ?

To get started, one must first pick their desired Straight Talk Wireless cell phone. Next, the person may choose either to keep their original cell phone number or to receive a brand new number. Lastly, the individual may go to with a Straight Talk coupon or call 1-877-430-2355 in the US to activate their cell phone and choose a beginning cell phone plan to start with.

Where can I find Straight Talk Wireless ?

Individuals may either navigate to the Straight Talk Wireless website available at or they may also find Straight Talk Wireless cell phones at their local Walmart store. Once the individual has acquired their Straight Talk Wireless cell phone, they may set up their service by activating it online, calling the 1-877-430-2355 number or may also set up the service with a retail associate available at the Electronics section in the individual’s local Walmart store.